Benoit Stockman - Legal Counsel - Retail Point

May 9th, 2018

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that Benoit Stockman will be strengthening our team as legal counsel as of May 14th, 2018. He will be supporting Retail Point on an independent basis.

Over the years Benoit has accumulated extensive experience in retail-related real estate: first as a lawyer for numerous retailers, then as director of the legal practice group real estate & expansion at Delhaize Belgium and finally as legal counsel at Retail Estates where he gained experience at the investors side in the special context of a public GVV.

Benoit has a thorough knowledge of various domains of real estate law, including commercial rent, rights in rem such as ground lease, building and usufruct, purchase sale, co-ownership, etc. He is also familiar with the structuring of transactions in function of the actual circumstances, and is able to advise on asset deals versus share deals, contributions in kind, mergers and divisions, and more. Benoit was responsible for the legal monitoring of Delhaize Belgium's affiliated network for many years, which means that franchise agreements (and everything that goes with them) are familiar territory to him too.

Finally, Benoit gained international experience through his involvement in large international transactions, such as the acquisition by Delhaize Group of Delta Maxi Holding in the Balkans (around 450 stores), the merger between Delhaize and Ahold, and more recently the acquisition of real estate on the Dutch market for a value of more than € 350 million by Retail Estates.

Benoit always tries to put his knowledge of real estate law at the service of the commercial objectives and offers a pragmatic approach.

We believe that his arrival will enable Retail Point to offer even better and more professional services, with his know-how creating added value in the work we do for you.